Get perfectly cooked mushrooms every time

(NC)—Perfectly cooked, golden, and caramelized – on top of burgers, steaks, salads, or even by themselves, sautéed mushrooms are an easy way to boost the flavour of your homemade meals. But how do you get perfect sautéed mushroom every time?

There are three secrets that work every time. High heat, don’t crowd the pan, and keep them moving.

The first mistake that is often made when preparing sautéed mushrooms is using low to medium heat; the pan needs to be hot, so don’t be afraid to turn up the heat.

Secondly don’t throw all the mushrooms into the pan. What’s ideal is to have all the mushrooms in a single layer, not to crowd the pan. If there are too many mushrooms, they steam rather than sauté, releasing all their juices, causing a mixture that resembles a soup.

Lastly, keep them moving. When they are in a hot pan, you want all sides of the mushroom to come in contact with the surface, so keep them moving. You will get a nice golden brown colour and some crispiness around the edges. Follow these three secrets and you will have perfect sautéed mushrooms every time.

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