The Zoomer Report: Alcohol and Heart Health

Here’s the latest on drinking and heart health. A University of Calgary study finds a little alcohol is good for you, and people who drink a glass or two of alcohol per day are up to 25 per cent less likely to develop health problems like coronary disease and fatal heart attacks.

Researchers analyzed the results of dozens of previous research papers on alcohol consumption and heart disease, finding that that moderate alcohol consumption led to higher levels of “good” cholesterol and a decrease of a chemical responsible for blood clotting. It didn’t matter whether the beverage was wine, beer or shot of liquor.

This means the beneficial effects are likely found within the alcohol itself, rather than in other chemicals found in wine or beer. The studies also were able to rule out other potential causal factors like socio-economic status.

Some doctors worry this could lead to excessive drinking. As in all things, moderation is the key.

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