Life blooms in Meaford Haven

Meaford Haven is intimately connected with the town of Meaford, Ontario on the shore of Georgian Bay. A short bike ride, a shorter drive, or a pleasant walk brings you into the village, where people still remember how to smile and say “please” and “thank you”. There’s plenty to see and plenty to do in a community that’s embracing growth and doing it right.

People of retirement age are coming to Meaford because it’s a small town with big city-like amenities including a hospital, a high school, two grocery stores, restaurants, a harbour and an excellent theatre (Meaford Hall) — all within 20 minutes of Blue Mountain and a little over two hours from Toronto.

It won’t take long to see why Meaford calls itself “The other Big Apple”. If you want to know more, check out this blog at

Five types of building are proposed to accommodate the needs of a broad range of retirees. There will be condominium apartments, bungalows, a community center/clubhouse, a medical/commercial building and a seniors retirement residence. Prices will be as low as $149,000 for a small condo and go up from there, but likely remaining below the prices found in the Collingwood area.

Wherever possible trees will be preserved to shade and complement the dwellings. A protected woodlot runs through the community, with a lovely little stream, and woodland paths that wind from one end of the neighbourhood to the other, ending at the gate access to the golf course.

golfMeaford Haven is adjacent to one of the oldest golf courses in Ontario. Since 1934 the Meaford Golf and Country Club has been the kind of place that respects the etiquette of the game, but with a relaxed and friendly attitude. And it’s a course you’ll never tire of; 18 holes with lots of water will have you using every club in your bag, and more often than not you’ll be good and ready for the 19th when you’re finished.

The Medical/Commercial Building will have offices for doctors, dentists, and other wellness oriented professions, such as yoga and physiotherapy, as well as a full service pharmacy, convenience store and dry cleaner, to suggest a few.

Meaford Haven was created as a community that embraces what healthy living — and healthy aging — is really about. It’s based on the findings of a 10-year study by the MacArthur Foundation, which found that just 30% of physical aging is attributed to genetics. With this discovery it became clear that lifestyle decisions play a key role in the aging process. We support their findings and are committed to helping residents live longer, healthier, and more vibrant lives. As a resident of Meaford Haven you’ll be on the leading edge of what’s new in wellness, health care, and all the wonderful cultural and recreational attractions offered in and around the lovely town of Meaford .

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