Live in your home longer and safer

For millions of aging Canadians, the slippery bathroom is the place where most serious falls occur. That’s why so many sell their homes and wind up living with relatives or at assisted-living homes. Don’t allow a lack of mobility or the fear of getting injured deny you the freedom and pleasure of enjoying a soothing, relaxing bath or shower in your own home. If you’re unable or afraid to bathe or shower alone, you should know about the quality, comfort and convenience of a Walk-in Bath or Easy-Access Shower from Premier Care in Bathing.

Mary and Robert Jenkins are in their late 60′s. They have lived in the same charming home for 34 years and like many of us, they don’t want to leave. But after a friend slipped in the bath, broke her hip and could no longer live on her own, they realized if they really wanted to stay in their home, they should replace their tub with a safer walk-in bathtub. “We want to stay in our home as long as possible, and I don’t want an injury to force us out of our home,” says Mary. “That’s why we bought a walk-in tub.”

Mary made a smart decision. 74% of all injuries in people over 70 are caused by accidental falls; many of which could have been avoided.

A great solution
For people like Mary who love their baths, and don’t want to give them up, a walk-in bath is a great solution. Walk-in bathtubs and easy-access showers are specially designed and ideal for anyone with balance or mobility concerns. Just about anyone can enjoy the pleasure and health benefits of bathing or showering without having to step over a large rim every time they enter or leave the tub and without the assistance of another person. They are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Many walk-in bathtubs and easy-access showers also have internal grab bars plus anti-slip floors and seats. Some also have handheld showerheads that can be wall-mounted for those who want to have a shower standing up.

We love the whole experience
More Canadians, like Mary, are enjoying their new found safety and comfort. “We bought it for safety but we love the whole experience!” Mary says with a smile. “I just walk in, shut the watertight door, sit down and let the tub fill up with water. When I’m done I drain it, open the door and walk out. It’s a joy to take a bath again!”

Canadians are lucky. Premier Care in Bathing, the world leader in walk-in bathtubs, is headquartered in Vancouver and they install baths across the entire country. Premier Care offers a wide range of walk-in baths and showers, and they seem to have a model for every budget and taste – from the conventional bathtub to deeper, hydrotherapy options that resemble hot tubs.

They also offer the very latest in safety features, including powered bath chairs and lifts. And all of Premier Care’s walk-in tubs and easy-access showers come with a comprehensive GUARANTEE.

A Huge Relief
And why not? Having a warm bath or a hot shower is not only a wonderful experience, it’s also very therapeutic. And with a walk-in bath or shower, anyone and everyone can enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of bathing in comfort and safety.

Just ask Mary. “It’s a huge relief knowing my husband and I can have a bath or shower without worrying about slipping or falling. We plan on staying in our home for a long time and our walk-in bath is making that possible.”

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