Spring Groundwork

Think you’ve missed the window to plant your spring blooming bulbs, like tulips, narcissus and hyacinths? Think again. According to the gardening experts at The Home Depot, as long as the ground hasn’t frozen, it’s open season.

For spring blooming bulbs: with our winters getting shorter and warmer, mid-October to late November, depending on your zone, should be fine. On average, they need five to seven weeks of rest before blooming. Bulbs should be planted when the soil is 12 C or cooler. All types can be planted together until the ground freezes. Try to mix it up a bit for a more natural look: tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, Dutch iris, allium, anemone, fritillaria and muscari bulbs are all widely available.

To ensure healthy blooms, a dedicated bulb booster fertilizer – offered by most plant food brands – or slow-release all-purpose fertilizer can be applied at the time of planting. This will encourage vigorous root growth and help support healthy blooms in the spring. Late October to early November is the perfect time to give your whole garden a dose of fall fertilizer.

—Vivian Vassos