Brush Strokes: Winter’s Trendy Paint Colours Picks

We’re heading back indoors, and one of the ways to fluff up our homes before the winter hits is a fresh coat of paint. The colour experts at Sico Paint have identified a few new trends and colour picks. According to the company, rich wood and terra cotta, deep slate, aqua blue, fruity red and vivid jewel tones are among the top interior picks, with blues of all shades as a leading favourite. Sico names its decor themes as Comfort Zone (earthy neutrals and muted hues), Tempo (vibrant and playful), Pattern Play (geometric and energetic combinations) and Introspection (soft pastels and washed-out neutrals). Inspiring monikers such as Etruscan Villa, Bikini Blue, Patrician Purple and Linden Wood all evoke a sense of place just in time to start cocooning.

Zoomer magazine, November 2014