Spring’s Dirty Dozen: 12 Best Planting Tips

Get ready to garden! Mark Cullen gives us some of his best spring planting tips from his book The Canadian Primer: An Organic Approach.

garden-1Planting tips:

– Bare root plants (i.e., roses, shrubs, and trees) should be planted in early spring while they are still dormant.

– Trees with fleshy roots — magnolia, dogwood, tulip tree, sweet gum, red maple, birch, hawthorn, poplar, cherry, plum, crab apple and many oaks — are best saved for spring planting.



Seed planting tips:

– When sowing seeds, always make sure that the soil is well-prepared and as weed-free as possible.

– Mark out beds and rows before beginning.

– If you are trying to evenly distribute tiny seeds, such as carrots, along a furrow, Cullen’s method is to mix them with dry sand and then sow them.

– Cover the seeds with a thin layer of vermiculite, worm castings or sand after planting; it marks the rows and also helps to prevent the soil from crusting over after a rainfall or during a dry spell.

– Water the beds lightly with a fine spray so as not to disturb freshly planted seeds, but keep the soil moist to hasten germination and prevent the seeds from dehydrating


garden-3Bulb planting tips:
– Plant your bulb three times as deep as the bulb is thick, measured from top to bottom (always plant the bulb with the pointy side up).

– If your soil is clay-based, plant more shallowly than normal to help prevent the bulbs from rotting.

– If your soil is heavy, dig in generous quantities of sharp sand to improve drainage; the deeper the bulb is planted, the more critical it is to have good drainage.

– If you are planting bulbs individually, space them twice the diameter of the bulbs apart to avoid overcrowding.

– Plant larger bulbs on the bottom and smaller bulbs on top. This will allow you to maximize on a small space. If you choose bulbs that bloom at different times, the successive bloom will cover spent foliage of earlier flowers.

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