Idaho woman jumps off bridge to celebrate 102nd birthday

There are a lot of things to love about 102-year-old Dorothy Custer’s birthday base jump, in which she donned a parachute and leapt from an Idaho bridge.

First, it’s clearly far more exciting than the usual dinner with family at your local Swiss Chalet that most of us end up going in for. Second, it’s not her first birthday stunt – last year she rode a zip wire across a canyon.

The part of this story I love most, though, is her reaction after the jump:

“It was too short! I don’t know why it went down so quickly, but that was alright. There’s nothing left to do but just live now.”

Nothing left to do but just live now. Priceless.

Something tells me this won’t be Custer’s last thrill.

(Source material and quote: The Telegraph)