PSA: Practise Safe Selfies

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Recently the Telegraph posted an article claiming there have been more deaths by selfies this year than there have been from shark attacks. While this seems like quite a large claim, the average amount of shark deaths globally is only 75. This still begs the question, however, how are there more deaths by selfie?!

One of the leading causes of “selfie death” has been a startling number of gun-related deaths by the selfie taker. To help combat some of these deaths, we think following these 5 simple rules will help everyone K.I.S.S. (Keep it safe & selfie)

Rule 1: In case of fire: Stop. Drop. And Selfie.


As smokey the bear has instilled in the minds of all children, if you smell smoke follow these three easy steps. We are fairly certain that the 21st Century Smokey would approve of this message.

Rule 2: Don’t Drink and Selfie.

This one is key for ensuring selfie safety. One should never selfie while inebriated; it’s reckless and goes against common sense. The last thing you want is to get on the bad side of MADS (Mother’s Against Drunk Selfies)

Rule 3: During an earthquake: Duck. Cover. Selfie.

For those who experience constant tectonic plate shifts and earthquakes, you will be thanking us for this tip. The most difficult part of this rule is ensuring that you have ample lighting to take the selfie while under something. Only as a last resort do we suggest using your flash.

Rule 4: Look both ways on the street before Selfie-ing

Again, this is something that should be ingrained from childhood. It’s a simple and common mistake that far too many people make. This could be the difference of knowing why the chicken crossed the road or not.

Rule 5: No Sharks.

Just don’t do it. Sharks are very camera shy and they don’t want to be included in your selfie. They don’t even have social media, so it’s not like you could tag them and get more followers.