Forget Donald Trump’s Slogan, Let’s Just Make America Sane Again

Photo: Getty Images

When Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this month, one of the things they’ll be thankful for is that this wild election season will be over and done with.

Forget Donald Trump’s slogan about making America great again. The slogan they need is “make America sane again.”

Could it be that a former politician sexting an underage girl turns out to be the reason the scary clown Trump gets to put his undersized hand on the nuclear button?

More and more, America seems like a banana republic, with FBI director James Comey announcing, days before the election, that there might (or might not) be something connected to the emails of the estranged (and disgraced) husband of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin that might (or might not) be connected to the investigation of Clinton’s emails that had already been completed with the conclusion that there was no problem with them.

Yes, it’s that confusing. But it’s having the effect that was no doubt intended by Comey.

Already, some polls are showing Trump pulling ahead of Clinton after Comey’s bombshell announcement, which the U.S. Justice Department advised against.

Meanwhile, pro-Clinton supporters are calling for the FBI to announce an investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia and Vladmir Putin.

Few Americans, it seems, no matter whom they want to elect, feel good about what’s happening.

When I was in the Boston area recently, I was shocked to see so few lawn signs.

In my daughter’s leafy suburban neighbourhood with minivans in the driveways, I counted about six Clinton signs and four for Trump in the surrounding five block area.

One neighbour I met while picking up my granddaughter from school tried to explain to me which house on the street was hers.

First she identified the approximate location, then the colour and the style.

But since those suburban houses are pretty similar, she finally said, very apologetically, “We’re the one with the Trump sign.”

Finally, I knew which house was hers. There was no other Trump sign on the street. But just down the road was a sign for third party candidate Gary Johnson.

Then there was the election lawn sign in front of a neat white New England colonial on a neighbouring street that pretty much summed up the attitude in America right now.

It read, “Everybody Sucks 2016.”