5 Good Things That Might Happen With Donald Trump As President

Donald Trump can’t be all that bad, can he?

While his shortcomings have (deservedly) been on full display leading up to his inauguration, let’s put on our rose-coloured glasses and look into the future.

Here are five positive effects that might possibly come out of his presidency:

  1. Boost for investors: Trump has promised to be pro-business, pro-economy president, which means he could push to end regulations on banks and financial institutions, which were put in place after the credit crunch of 2008. This could mean good news for U.S. investments.
  2. Pipeline to prosperity: Trump has indicated he will undertake a major shift in energy policy, possibly approving the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline XL,which could transport 1 million barrels of Canadian crude oil daily to U.S. refineries. That would be good news for the beleaguered oil patch.
  3. The PC pendulum swings: While Trump’s complete refusal to censor or even tone down his comments often makes him appear crude and vulgar, his refusal to appease the howling mobs is refreshing for those who might think the PC movement has gone too far.
  4. Greatest reality TV show? There won’t be any more slow news days with Trump in power. What crazy policy will he announce on Twitter? Which politician or celebrity will he attack? How will he defend the latest allegations? Although we complain about the noise, we can’t help watching out for the next train wreck.
  5. He can only improve: It’s a long-held practice among Republican Party leaders to campaign as far to the right as possible and then hurry back to the centre when elected. If Trump follows this strategy, he’ll shift his focus from Mexican walls and anti-immigration restrictions to getting the U.S. economy firing on all cylinders. That might help shift his historically poor approval ratings upwards.