Prophet of Zoom: The New (First) Zoomer Census

Who are we, really?

Recently I had the privilege of filling out the new long-form Canadian census and, in the process, discovered a very curious thing. To signify identity, the only choices pointed to nationality (as in country of birth) or certain racialized “ethnic” groups. This meant that there appeared nowhere for me to indicate that I was Jewish. Not particularly religious or observant Jewish, certainly not Orthodox, but Jewish by tribe and culture and education. So (by being politically correct?), this new census doesn’t appear to recognize me much and, accordingly, I feel strangely unrepresented.

Coincidently, we here at ZoomerMedia have also been kicking around the idea of a census of our own to find out in greater detail and depth who Zoomers really are. Now you might think that’s something we already know very well, and we do, but mostly from a sales and marketing point of view. We know gender and age, location and income, spending habits in different categories and many other conventional points besides. But as to the attitudes and behaviours of The Cohort that has always moved the culture forward, we’re now looking to learn “who we are” on a more profound level. We seek added dimensions of understanding so that we can better serve you, our readers, listeners, viewers and members by turning “dry” data into insights.

To do so we need your help. Here are some thought-starter questions that you won’t see on any government census form any time soon. Our hope is that they will set you thinking and that you’ll perhaps get back to us with interesting and unexpected questions of your own. Why? Well, it will help us, of course, but we’re also pretty sure you’re as curious about your peers as we are.

So, please go to to fill them all out and to suggest any others that you would like to add. By including yourself, you include us all.

1. If the opportunity arose, would you jump into a December/May
romance with a partner 20 or more years younger than you?
YES _____ NO _____

2. Would you rather have money left over when you die to leave as bequest(s) or would you rather spend it all while still alive (on yourself and/or others), and die broke?

3. If it were easier for older people to adopt, would you take on a child and raise it?
YES ______ NO ______

4. Has your spouse/partner ever said: “You have to die after me”?
YES ______ NO ______

5. Has your spouse/partner ever said: “You have to die before me?
YES ______ NO ______

6. How old are you? _______
How old do you feel? _______

7. If a ticket seller
at the movies assumes you’re not a senior
because you “look
so young,” would you correct them and ask for the discount?
ASK ______ NOT ASK _____

8. How often do
you have sex? ______
When was the last time you had sex?____
Do you want to
have sex? _________

9. Have you met the love
of your life? ________
Are you still willing to continue
the search? __________

10. On a scale of 1 to 10
(1 being very unhappy and
10 being very happy), rate your
happiness. ______________

Suggestions, please.

Thank you for taking The New Zoomer Census!