The Grandkids’ Guide to- Disney California Adventure Park’s World of Color

By Chris and Madeline Heyes

When you think of Disney, you think of magic, of colour, of a story that always ends with a happy ending and now you can get to experience that magic and colour in a fantastic show that will have you singing along. Disney’s new show World of Color at Disney California Adventure Park at The Disneyland Resort in California utilizes scenes from Disney films new and old from Toy Story and Aladdin to The Lion King. Base on the unique technology used in the original Walt Disney World show, Fantasmic, videos of movie scenes are projected on a waterfall of colour accompanied by a stunning light show and the famous Disney songs soundtrack. No matter where you sit you can see just about everything. And to prove that anyone can like this show we experimented with our 2-year-old cousin, who loved it all. This spectacle shows us classic Disney scenes in a new light .

At Disney's World of Color pre-show:'s Grandkids' Guide blogger Madeline Heyes with Hannah Montana star Jason Earles.