Clipper Adventurer Ship Stuck, Delays Atwood’s Adventure

MV Clipper Adventurer

Margaret Atwood was a part of a group of travellers stuck in Yellowknife while waiting to sail the Northwest Passage this weekend. She was scheduled to be a lecturer on the Clipper Adventurer for Adventure Canada. Atwood tweeted, “Back in T.O. with stranded New Zealander…was not on it, just waiting to be!”

Adventure Canada’s previous ship was stranded after getting stuck on a rock. Mathew Swan, the CEO of tour operator for Adventure Canada, told CBC news, “We were on a single line track here that indicated we had 68 metres of water directly under us, when we found ourselves on a rock.”

This will not stop Atwood from attempting another trip though.“We certainly plan to do the trip next year- a lot of people we’re with have said the same thing,” said the Canadian author.