On Our Radar: Las Vegas

Who: Harley Carbery
What: Wine Director, Joël Robuchon Restaurants
Where: MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Why: The B.C.-raised Carbery oversees Robuchon’s wine list for the über-chef’s flagship in Sin City and then some. No small feat, as the three Michelin Star-rated chef was recently named France’s Chef of the Century. Carbery also gets our vote, as he has introduced a few Canadian vintages into the wine list, raising awareness for our true north winemaking prowess.
When: At dessert, Carbery surprised us by skipping the typical icewine and pouring us a tipple of Neige’s La Face Cachée de la Pomme apple icewine, from Hemmingford, Quebec, made from the nectar of autumn harvest McIntosh.
How very Canadian, indeed.
Joël Robuchon. reservations: (702) 891-7925