Letters from Lightstone: Sites and Sounds of Israel, Part 4

Follow ZoomerMedia’s Marilyn Lightstone as she travels to Israel this summer to bring you first-hand coverage of this culturally rich country. In this dispatch, she sends a letter to her dear friends.

Dear Marg, Louise and Kim,

I know that you and your family are observant Christians, so I think you would have enjoyed our Jeep ride through the Galilee en route to Haifa yesterday. At every moment I thought about the fact that this was where Jesus walked, teaching the very lessons we all know so well, even though we don’t always follow them.

That said, it was a pretty rough ride, which further increased my pleasure in arriving at this gorgeous, luxury Dan Hotel. The Dan Hotels are found all over Israel, but it’s my first visit. Aside from my splendid room with all its amenities (e.g., a zillion places to plug in everything that seems to need recharging these days) and the lovely fruit and box of chocolates on arrival, I particularly enjoyed having my 7 o’clock wake-up call in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish!

More to come…


Marilyn Lightstone is the host of the nightly radio series Nocturne on the New Classical 96.3 (a ZoomerMedia property).