Girlfriends’ Getaway at Deerhurst: Food, Fun and Sun

With only a few weeks until my wedding, my mom and I needed a good mother-daughter weekend to kick back and forget about RSVPs, DIYs and centrepieces. We packed our bags and drove two hours north of Toronto for a bit of fresh air, delicious food and lots of dancing at Deerhurst Resort’s Girlfriends’ Getaway. The weekend encourages women of all ages to forget about their everyday worries and enjoy each other’s company. And that’s exactly what we did.

The acres and acres of beautifully kept green land surrounding the resort are beyond picturesque. It looks so crisp, it’s as if I am watching a movie in HD. Families in swimwear carrying towels pass us in the lobby, and men with bags of golf clubs hoisted on their shoulders are teasing each other about their latest tee off.

As we enter our newly renovated room, we are thrilled to see a mini kitchenette adjacent to the living room and a breathtaking view of the golf course that makes my mom whisper, “Wooooow.” And to the left, a nice-sized patio with a pair of Muskoka chairs – makes sense considering Deerhurst’s 425 rooms sit on 760 waterfront acres on Peninsula Lake and Sunset Bay in … Muskoka.

We quickly get ready for dinner while discussing how pleased we are with our accommodations. Our first Girlfriends’ Getaway event is an “Unleash Your Inner Diva” buffet dinner followed by performances by Jully Black and Decades (Decades is Deerhurt’s entertainment group – one of Shania Twain’s first gigs was with them). There is a photo booth set up with “diva” props, which prompts a mini photo session – I am Diana Ross in a full Afro wig and boa, and my mom is a playful mix of Marilyn and Audrey. After dinner the DJ pumps up the volume, and everyone’s jumping up and down as if they hadn’t visited the chocolate fondue station two too many times. It takes only three songs before I ‘ve lost my mom and realize she’s hit the dance floor and is in her full two-step glory with complete strangers. Once Jully Black is on stage, almost everyone is on their feet and they stay there – blisters and all – until her last encore performance. Decades is up next, and though the crowd is starting to grow tired, we are wowed by an evolution of dance, taking us through some of our favourite songs and about 70 costume changes!

The next morning we rise and shine nice and early for yoga on the beach. That sounds like referencing a Caribbean island, but we simply stroll 10 minutes south of the property for sun salutations facing Peninsula Lake. The gentle exercise combined with the view of the still lake and morning sunshine is restorative.

Post-yoga breakfast charms us with a Breakfast at Tiffany theme. Tables are set with accents of the famous blue, and vendors are stationed at the entrance if you would like to treat yourself to a piece of jewelry. The spread includes cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes for breakfast! Anything goes when you’re on vacation.

Next, we move on to Deerhurst’s Shizen spa for pedicures and a relaxing steam – and we thought it wouldn’t get much sweeter than breakfast cupcakes.

The breakfast and spa visit have fuelled us for afternoon workshops filled with garden, beauty and fashion tips. The fashion tips especially come in handy as our expert has pulled items from local shops in Huntsville – now we know exactly where to browse. Naturally, Huntsville is our next stop to see the goods for ourselves. Who knew Huntsville had such great shopping? Note to future Huntsville tourists: Urban Rustic Living has some great finds and friendly staff! Think printed dresses and light summer pants as well as one-of-a-kind home decor.

The morning activities have lulled us into a nap-like state of mind; a siesta is pencilled into the agenda before dinner. The comfortable beds along with the calming surroundings swallow us whole for a couple of hours. In a very groggy state, we prepare for dinner at Eclipse, located behind the lobby with the most stunning view. The food is also incredible. My mom normally eats like a bird but she polished off her meal – and her cheesecake.

The weekend doesn’t end there; next up is a Jarvis Church concert. Church manages to have everyone in the room swoon – including a few burly men. Not many can resist his charm. The sounds of Motown classics and a few familiar Philosopher Kings’ tunes have the audience singing along. By the end, everyone is on their feet and the band has managed to pull a majority of guests up on stage for their own moment in the spotlight. Not sure my mom’s smile could get any wider at this point.

By brunch the next morning the women who were strangers only days ago are now friendly and familiar. Exchanges like “Loved your dance moves last night!” and “I really like the shoes you had on. Where can I find those?” The Girlfriends’ Getaway has successfully taken a group of women and turned them into friends