Not all gadgets designed to make your journeys easier have to come from fancy travel boutiques. Many can be found right in your own home.


1. A hanging shoe organizer for all your travel accessories

Pack your folding shoe organizer, the kind that has shelves one under the other. At your destination, it becomes an ideal catch-all for evening purses, folding umbrella, slippers, belts and any other items that you want to keep handy.

2. A golf ball

If you need to plug a sink or a bathtub, it’s heavy enough.

3. A plastic soap container and lid

Most compact point-and-shoot cameras will fit nicely into these cases. Your camera remains protected with no worries about the lens becoming scratched or dirty.

4. A hair straightener

This double-duty item keeps your hair looking great, and it also serves as a mini-iron to touch up creased collars and small clothing wrinkles.

5. Clothes pins

Use these for those hotel drapes that refuse to close properly, perfect for blocking out the early morning sun as well as discouraging potential peeping Toms.

6. Mesh laundry bags to organize your suitcase

These bags from the dollar store are great for grouping clothes in your suitcase. Mesh also has the added advantage of allowing you to see at a glance what’s inside.

7. Twist ties

These handy little items take up no room at all, but they are a friend indeed when problems arise. They especially work for holding eyeglasses together if the screws fall out. They can secure an extra luggage tag in an emergency and they make a very inexpensive key chain when the need arises.


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