6 Gifts for the Grounded Traveller on Your List


With travel still on hold this Valentine's Day, we're rounding up the best gifts to satisfy the grounded explorer. Photo: Courtesy of Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium

Everyone has a traveller in their lives. But with the current travel restrictions, many of them are, no doubt, feeling grounded — and not necessarily in a good way. Why not inspire them to keep dreaming with a Valentine’s gift that brings a bit of the world home to them?

Take a virtual trip around the globe with these gift ideas that keep us travelling in our dreams.


Lindt Chocolates: Switzerland


dulce de leche Lindt
Photo: Courtesy of Lindt


The chocolatiers at Lindor have an added dulce de leche-flavoured centre to the popular Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles. These tasty treats do double-duty when it comes to travel inspiration. The chocolate comes from Switzerland, while dulce de leche is a sweet staple from Argentina. Lindt Lindor Dulce de Leche Milk Chocolate Truffles ; Shop.Lindt.ca


Swarovski Crystal: Vienna, Austria


Photo: Courtesy of Swavorski


The Austrian-based company helps add a little sparkle and shine to the world, from jewelry to home decor. We’re appreciative of this multi-tasking trinket, created in beautiful Austria but also reminding us of Paris, France. Entirely designed in clear crystal, this reproduction of the famous iron lady built by Gustave Eiffel will delight admirers of the French capital. swarovski.com/en_GB-CA


Parmigiano Reggiano: Northern Italy


Parmigiano Reggiano
Photo: Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium


Who doesn’t like cheese? Italy’s Parmigiano Reggiano, from the regions of Parma and Regio Emilia, is considered by many to be a king among cheese. With its extremely high standards of quality and origin control – PDO or protected designation of origin, like VQA for wine, for example – it’s like giving a fine bottle of bubbly (not a bad idea either, as Parmigiano pairs nicely with another Italian star, Prosecco). And, when it comes to fond thoughts of Italy, it’s also one of the most associated foods – after pasta – when thinking of the country. parmigianoreggiano.com


Wine: Australia


Wakefield wine
Photo: Courtesy of Wakefield


Australia’s vineyards are as much a draw for travellers as are its natural wonders. Wakefield Estates is just one of the dozens of wine brands available in Canada, but this company takes it a step further. A wine’s serving temperature is crucial to how it will taste and, as a result, Wakefield has created a bit of tech to educate us. Using thermo-chromatic ink technology printed right on the wine’s label, touch-activated sensors change colour depending on the temperature of the wine, so drinkers can see when their wine is at the perfect temperature for drinking. wakefieldwines.com


Lumberjack Plaid: Canada


Roots Plaid Umbrella
Photo: Courtesy of Roots


It warms our glowing hearts when we’re surrounded by that familiar buffalo check. Canada’s Roots has honoured the pattern by creating leathers from handbags to wallets embossed with it. Capes, shirts, pyjamas and the company’s signature onesies-for-all stand strong and free in the red-and-black squares. It’s hard to pick just one thing, but our favourite for the one on your list that has everything is Roots’ all-season unisex ode: Park Plaid Umbrella in Cabin Red  roots.com/ca/en

Dead Sea Minerals-infused Self-Care: Israel


Dead Sea Mineral Self Care
Photo: Courtesy of Laline


From its beginnings as a small store in Tel Aviv in 1999, this line of cosmetics, skin-care and lifestyle products is now an international chain, with locations in Canada. The Dead Sea is among the creators’ inspiration, with products enriched with the world-renowned minerals. Recreate a float in the Dead Sea with the minerals bath salt, also enriched with energizing lime and lemon verbena leaves, as well as the calming scent of fig and sandalwood. laline.ca/collections/dead-sea