Love Is In The Air: 5 Romantic Hot Spots

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Vivian Vassos, Zoomer magazine’s travel editor, picks a few hot spots that might inspire you to get in the mood for love. Click through to see the slideshow.


Chicago, our kind of town

Luxury meets lovely – The Peninsula hotel’s lobby restaurant is the perfect backdrop for brunch for two. Or if it’s the weekend, try the decadent chocolate bar from 8:00 pm to midnight.



Vegas, baby

Stroll hand in hand through the Bellagio’s beautiful botanical garden – aromatherapy and visual therapy in one.


San Francisco, here we come

Wearing their hearts – through public art – on their sleeves. San Francisco’s Union Square makes for an inspiring meeting spot.


Niagara Falling for you

At Strewn Winery’s Terroir la Cachette in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the aphrodisiacal powers of oysters are on full display.

Quebec is red hot

Finish the day fireside at Auberge Saint Antoine in Quebec City – don’t forget the hot chocolate, a mood booster.