Cruising Europe: Vienna

Vienna: Highlights of the Central European ports of call on AmaWaterways’ AmaCerto

A cruise is a wonderful thing: it allows you to unpack once, yet visit much more than just one place. Itineraries vary, but a river cruise is extra special, in that it allows you to get up close and personal to some of the most beautiful waterside views and countryside. I’ve compiled some snapshot highlights, to wet your wanderlust whistle.

This week, we’re sailing with AmaWaterways’ AmaCerto along the Danube and Vienna, Austria. Next week, travel with us again on Crystal’s Western Europe: St. Emilion, France. So pack your bag – you’ll only have to unpack it once. 1-800-626-0126;



A view of Hofburg Palace off Heldenplatz (Heroe’s Square)

2GateHeroesSquareA gate to Heroe’s Square

3RingstrasseA view of immaculately preserved architecture on the renowned Ringstrasse, or ring road

4DetailSculptural detail near the Heroe’s Square gate

5AidaAida, a famous pastry shop, on the city’s Kartnerstrasse, a pedestrian shopping street in central Vienna

6HomeofSacherTorteAnother famous pastry, Sacher Torte, was created here, at the Hotel Sacher

7SausageStandA coffee break in Vienna really means a stop at the sausage stand for some wieners and beer

8fountainA fountain near the Albertina Museum

9LocalFlavourLocal flavour, beer, dancing and traditional music at Austrian Heuriger (wine tavern)

10ondeckCertoA view of the Danube from the deck of the AMACerto