Photo Tour: Journey to Bermuda

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The pink sand and rocking surf at Horseshoe Bay, one of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches

“You go to heaven if you want to, I’d rather stay right here in Bermuda” —Mark Twain

Long thought of an island, Bermuda is actually an archipelago of more than 180 smaller landmasses. The pink sand, championship golf courses and a GPS that’s smack dab in the middle of the North Atlantic, west of North Carolina (or about 1,200 miles due south of Nova Scotia), make it a quick and easy getaway for Canadians.

But Bermuda is undergoing somewhat of a reinvention of sorts, eschewing a stiff upper lip reputation for its more sporty, sexy offerings. It goes beyond pink sand and golf: there’s a multi-generational, multi-cultural mix that’s seen in Hamilton’s hottest restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. There’s a laid-back, yet sophisticated, all-ages appeal to the place, but still has its somewhat British-roots reserve, suitable for a slightly more refined sensibility.

The best part? Air Canada ( flies everyday via Toronto, and the flight is less than 3 hours.


Palms line the grounds of the Keep at the citadel, National Museum of Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard

Hints of British past: a Royal Mail post box painted red

In Bermuda, the shorts don’t always have to match the socks, but it always helps!

Nothing but blues skies and ocean views

The Crystal Caves are called Bermuda’s True Hidden Treasure, formations of rare chandelier crystalized clusters deep in the earth

Historical reenactments happen in the Unesco World Heritage city of St. George, where the mayor is also a University of Toronto grad

A tall ship replica at the harbour of St. George

A public ocean-side infinity pool near the home of the actor Michael Douglas

Pink clouds reflect the sand: the view from a balcony room at the Fairmont Southampton hotel