JourneyWoman: Tips for Snowbirds

Travelling south this winter? Here are five easy tips to make your experience as healthy, informed and comfortable as possible

Review your health insurance policy carefully. Be positive that you have adequate coverage. If yours is a yearly policy report any new health issues and medications you are taking. Check on the number of days you are insured and stay within that limit. Any mistakes on your part can make your policy null and void.

Think ahead. Be prepared for any medical issues that arise. Ask your family doctor for the names of any colleagues you can consult at your destination. Or, join the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers ( to find quality medical care closest to where you are staying.

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Be prepared. Pack a copy of your eyeglass prescription so you can easily replace them if necessary. Keep a list of all your medications and dosages along with the phone number of the pharmacy they were filled at.

Travel with your health in mind. Understand that if you sit in the same position for any length of time it will make you feel stiff and sluggish. Lack of movement can slow down your body’s circulation and oxygen will not reach your joints and muscles. Be proactive. Get up during the flight and stretch those arms and legs. This will keep your muscles flexible as you head to your destination. As well, travelling in comfortable, casual clothes that don’t restrict movement is always a good idea. Think ahead to the temperatures you will experience. Clothes made from cotton or natural fibers breathe better and keep your body cooler.

Make of the most of your money. Once you arrive, check out for discounts on groceries, restaurants and fun things to do. Clip coupons and save in these areas so you can splurge on other aspects of your vacation. Bon voyage!

Evelyn Hannon is the editor of, the largest online travel resource for women. Her newsletter connects 65,000 women worldwide.

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