Airpass takes off in Europe

Anyone who has used the cheap and convenient Eurail pass to travel in Europe will like a new offering from Air Canada and its foreign airline partners. The Star Alliance group of affiliated airlines has taken the Eurail pass concept and applied it to air travel.

The Star Alliance European Airpass offers the economy-class services of 14 airlines to more than 200 destinations in 43 European countries. There is no minimum stay and only two stopovers are required. All the Alliance member airlines are participating in the program, as well as a number of their regional partners. The pass is only available to those who travel to and from Europe on a Star Alliance carrier, such as Air Canada.

According to the airlines, the European Airpass offers an excellent opportunity for visitors from other parts of the world to travel within Europe at some very attractive fares.

Cost based on distance
An Airpass is made up of between three and 10 flight coupons, with the fare per coupon related to distance. For example:

  • The fare will be US$60 (approximately CAD $91) for distances up to 150 miles US$90 ( CAD $137) for 151-500 miles

  • US$115 (D $175) for 501-1,000 miles (excluding local taxes, fees and charges.)

  • At the other end of the scale, the fare is US$220 (approximately CAD $334) for distances between 2,251 and 2,500 miles.

  • Children aged between 2 and 11 pay 67 percent of the adult fare, while infants pay 10 percent.

Maximum stopover
Under these rates, an adult traveling in economy class from Paris to Vienna and on to Munich, Copenhagen and London before returning to Paris will pay a total fare of US$525 (approximately CAD $797) excluding applicable taxes and charges.

Your hop through Europe can be leisurely as well, as the maximum stay is 3 months. There are no seasonal limitations and the airpass can be purchased all year round. It can also be used in conjunction with a Star Alliance Round-the-World economy-class ticket.

The program sounds ideal for travelers who want to see several European cities in a relatively short period of time, without driving or spending days on the train. The European airlines participating in the program are Lufthansa, SAS, Austrian Airlines, British Midland, and various regional carriers.

Contact your CARPTravel rep for more information.