Banff still has a lot to offer

The world famous Alberta town of Banff has been in the news a lot lately. The town was hit by a freak summer snowfall last week (it’s all since melted, of course) which of course delighted some American tourists, who had their worst suspicions about Canada confirmed. Banff is also at a turning point in terms of tourism development, with warring factions fighting to determine what the town (and the park) will look like in the future.

In the meantime, Banff remains a great vacation spot, summer or winter. If you’re interested in visiting one of Canada’s national treasures, point you’re web browser at, where you’ll find virtually every thing you ever need to know about the mountain paradise.

The site features listings for 600 accommodation sites, tours, activities and a wealth of information on Banff and area. Categories include art galleries, back country lodges, car rentals, shopping, caving, climbing, fishing, massage and even wedding services. The site also has a complete map section, listing of upcoming events, and a form to request delivery of specific information.

In July, visitors to Banff can choose from aide variety of events, including the renowned Banff Arts Festival, which presents a huge variety of progressive and eclectic art from around the world. The festival presents everything from epic Canadian theatre to revolutionary new opera, and boasts a range of talent in jazz, dance, film, and new media workshops.

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