Book your summer trip to Europe

A look at the activities of some of the major airlines should be enough to convince travellers to book trips to Europe as early as possible this summer. Airlines have sophisticated research tools that allow them to predict travel patterns very accurately (even if they do have to bump the odd traveller). Since many have added trans-Atlantic non-stop flights and expanded their total capacity by 7% to 10% for the summer, all signs point to a very busy season at the Eiffel Tower.

According to the European Travel Commission, the war in Yugoslavia has had little or no effect on the numbers of tourists expected to visit Europe this summer. ETC officials note that reasonable currency exchange rates (more so for Americans, of course) and good air fare competitions should keep a trip to Europe affordable for most.

A number of special year-long celebrations are also attracting extra visitors to Europe. Fryderyk Chopin and Johann Strauss festivals are running in Warsaw and Vienna, with major art exhibits of Velazquez and van Dyck set for Spain and Belgium. Germany is celebrating Goethe in Weimar, the 1999 European Cultural Capital, and also marking the 10th anniversary of the fl of the Berlin Wall. If you’re planning a European vacation, book it now and avoid disappointment.