Corfu:a jewel in the Greek island chain

The wonderful sight of olive trees is one of the many charms of Corfu, one of the most popular of the Greek islands. Olives have been cultivated in Corfu ever since the Venetian Rule, and today olive groves cover 40% of the island’s surface.

One of the “Ionian” islands, Corfu offers a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year, perfect for olives, grapes and of course Canadian (and British and German) tourists. Summers are cool for the area, with the temperature never exceeding the high 30s. The island offers beautiful mountainous scenery and marvelous beaches.

Corfu offers the tourist both sides of Greece, the unspoiled agricultural areas, and sophisticated activities and entertainment. Food is a major attraction of the island, and “Corfiot” cuisine is among the most well-known in Greece.

In the large restaurants and small tavernas -which you can discover by strolling along the alleys of the old town- you can taste pastitsada, sofrito and other Corfiot specialities. Coastal villages specialize in fresh fish, and you can get the famous lobster at Palaiokastritsa and game at the mountain villages of Pantokrator. Of course, all of this Corfiot cuisine is best accompand by the excellent local wine and – you guessed it- some olives.