Cuba offers an interesting change

What do aspirins, pens, pencils, T-shirts, toothpaste, small toys and magazines have in common? They’re all items in high demand in Cuba, and handy to have on while vacationing, according to CubaTravel, a U.S. company specializing in travel to the Caribbean island.

Canadians have known for many years that Cuba is an interesting, inexpensive destination for a winter getaway. What’s interesting from our point of view is the American attitudes towards Cuba finally seem to be changing. CubaTravel’s website takes great pains to remind U.S. visitors that it is not illegal for them to visit Cuba: their passports are not stamped.

As they point out, Varadero beach has been a favorite vacation spot for European and Canadian tourists for many years. Its previous reputation as a wild centre of night life has been replaced with a family atmosphere, according to CubaTravel. Several friends have told me that Cuba provides a great winter vacation spot, the trick being not to expect the standards of richer capitalist countries. If you’re interested in visiting a country with a completely different type of government and a vibrant history, so much the better. Just remember not to expect ite the levels of products and services available in other resorts.