Earth to Scrooge: get out the sunscreen!

What many are calling an “unprecedented” low demand for Christmas and New Years package holidays this year has resulted in some great travel bargains for those who can still get away. Hotels were among the first to crack, recognizing that an empty over-priced room just isn’t as profitable as one that’s occupied with a bargain-hound.

Buoyed by a mood of “the sky will be the limit”, hoteliers at the beginning of 1999 scrambled to outdo each other in spectacular inclusions-with prices to match. In some cases, prices for a New Year’s stay were up tenfold over last year. Such prices had to be passed onto consumers in the winter brochures which debuted in late summer.

But to our eternal credit (and credit card balance), consumers were having none of it. High range, ultra exotic packages sold out while the middle-of-the-road programs sat on the shelf, due to what the consumer perceived as inflated prices. Many opted for holidays early in the New Year instead.

With disappointing advance sales in mind, hoteliers have reacted by slashing prices; and holidays of up to 50% off can now be had. Two of many examples are an all inclusive week from Toronto to Grand Cayman for $1959 (a sing of over $1900) and a week from Vancouver to Huatulco, Mexico, for $1699 (a saving of $900), both from Signature Vacations. Despite the excitement of the new millennium, chances are one thing won’t change: Canadians will still love a travel bargain, and year-end pricing for 1999 may well prove to be the bargain of the century, if not the millennium. Contact your CARPTravel rep today to find out about all the bargains available.