Green tourism promotes Toronto

Toronto joins the likes of New York City, Copenhagen, Kyoto and Buenos Aires with its  “Green” tourism map. Hogtown’s mayor Mel Lastman says the guide is great for tourists and for the city. 

“This is the only city map of its kind. It befits the greatest city in the world,” says Lastman. “There are so many great features – including wonderful environmental sites, gardens and green spaces.”

The maps produced by the Green Tourism Association are a very useful addition to your travel information kit, whether you’re visiting New York or Buenos Aires. The maps highlight other urban green tourism activities and businesses, including green tour options, bike rental locations, transit information, green galleries and theatres, organic produce and natural food stores and more.

According to the Green Tourism Association, the map takes tourism in the city to a whole new level.

“Other cities in the world have developed green maps, but no one has taken it as far as Toronto and focused on the tourism industry,” said Marion Joppe, spokesperson for the association and professor of Tourism at Ryerson Polytechnic University.