Ice Hotel comes to Quebec

The expression “it’s freezing in here” takes on a whole new meaning if you’re one of the lucky guests staying in Quebec City’s new Ice Hotel this winter. The original Ice Hotel has operated in northern Sweden inside the Arctic Circle for the past 10 years. It’s built completely out of ice blocks and “closes” with each spring melt.

The hotel attracts a steady stream of visitors who pay for the privilege of sleeping in this fancy block of ice. The hotel gained an international profile last season after being featured in car ads aired on North American television.

Now the world’s second Ice Hotel is set to open January 1, 2001, weather permitting. The 10,000 square foot structure will house six guest suites, a large entry hall, and two art galleries displaying-what else-ice sculptures.

Some questions come to mind, with answers supplied by the Ice Hotel owners:

What’s the temperature in the Ice Hotel?

The four feet thick walls act as excellent windbreakers and help maintain a constant temperature within the Ice Hotel itself just like in a thermos. Inside, temperatures always remain between -2°C and -6°C. For example, if it’a very cold -35°C outside, it will only be -4°C inside.

How long does the Ice Hotel operate?

Mother Nature permitting, Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada will open its crystalline halls on January 1st, 2001 and will close three months later as the first signs of spring appear or on March 31, 2001 (whichever comes first).

How do we sleep in the hotel?

A mattress and a wooden base are set on top of a solid block of ice. Deer pelts are then laid on top and you get to sleep in a comfortable and cozy winter sleeping bag. It’s recommended that you sleep with as few clothes on as possible in order to lessen the humidity you generate and keep you snug. As you awake, only the tip of your nose will feel cold-a little like camping, but better.

What about the bathroom?

Not to worry. You will be able to easily and rapidly access a heated facility directly from inside the Ice Hotel.

How much does an overnight stay at the Ice Hotel cost?

The average price for one person for an overnight stay at the Ice Hotel is $150 CAN ($100 US). It varies according to the package you choose (single, double, triple, quadruple or group occupancy).

If you’re still willing to freeze the pom pom off of your toque, contact your CARPTravel rep or visit the Ice Hotel site.