Ontario is a big province, cyclists report

We last told you about Marvin and Loretta Wideen back in June, when the 65-year old cyclists were seen leaving Russell, Manitoba on their cross-country cycling trip. Their son Brian reports that the courageous couple have traveled close to 3,000 km through the four western provinces, and are now leaving Ontario after five weeks and another 2,000 kms.

“Ontario has represented about 40 percent of their entire trip,” says Brian Wideen, “and it gave them everything: narrow roads, steep hills, hot weather, freeways, thunderstorms, wind. It also gave them a great sense of accomplishment, a real sense of growing awareness for both their ride and schizophrenia, and encounters with fellow adventurers crossing the country by bicycle, foot and car.”

The Wideens are riding across Canada in support of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. Brian reports that the couple have had “overwhelming support and kindness”, and are particularly grateful to the Schizophrenia Society members who have helped all across Ontario, with a rally of 30 supporters on Parliament Hill last month..

The couple is now heading along the north shore of the St. Lawrence to Quebec City, where they’ll cross befo heading to the Maritimes and eventually Newfoundland. The two “sinewy, weather-beaten cyclists” as their son describes them, hope to reach St. John’s by mid-September.

Follow the Wideen’s progress to Newfoundland at the site listed below, and if you’d like to support their efforts on behalf of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, send a donation to the “Wideen Ride” c/o Schizophrenia Society of Canada, 75 The Donway West, Suite 814, Don Mills, Ont., M3C 2E9.