P.E.I. party launches Canadian trail

Travellers headed for Prince Edward Island in early August should pack hiking shoes or bikes. The Last Spike Bike Tour takes place August 7-12, 2000. It marks the official launch of the Confederation Trail. This trail on Prince Edward Island is the first provincial section of the Trans Canada Trail. The Trans Canada will eventually be the world’s longest trail.

While we wait for the other provinces to catch up to PEI, the Confederation Trail can provide an island-scale preview. It offers an excellent opportunity for Eco-tourism, which is growing in importance and popularity across the country. The view on the Confederation Trail is splendid. The trail is safe and quiet. And community festivals and vistas along the way provide visitors with a breathtaking perspective on the Island lifestyle.

Cross-island by bike
Three-time Olympic medalist Curt Harnett will be on hand for the launch of the Confederation Trail. He’s taking part in a six-day, cross-island bike tour from Elmira to Tignish to celebrate the trail’s completion. The trail is not just designed for cycling, however, and has a lot to offer the hiker or casual stroller.

^”The Island trail is perfectly suit for biking and walking with the scenic coastline, meandering trails and a myriad of bays and beaches to explore,” says PEI Tourism Minister Greg Deighan.

The trail will be around for a long, long time. But if you are planning on visiting the home of Anne of Green Gables this month, be sure and take part in the inaugural festivities. The event allows everyone a chance to tour through beautiful landscapes by day, and enjoy a different Island community festival each evening. What better way to experience one of Canada’s most beautiful and friendly provinces.