See the other Granada

Travellers who have visited the glorious city of Granada in Spain will definitely want to visit its colonial counterpart in Nicaragua. Founded in 1524, Granada is one of the oldest cities on the continent, and offers the visitor a wealth of history.

Located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, Granada was an important trading post early on. Fertile farm land in the area contributed to the city’s growth and prosperity. Granada flourished through the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, with a large population of wealthy Europeans adding their particular architectural style in the form of grand homes and buildings.

Of course, Spain was the prime influence. Today, several Spanish colonial buildings are being restored to their original grandeur. Adobe walls are being repaired and repainted in the original vibrant reds, blues, ochres and yellows, and tiled internal courtyards are being repaired.

To complete the colonial feel, take a horse drawn cart down to the restaurant and bar area on the lakeshore. From there, you can take a boat to one of the 350 small islands that form an archipelago only 15 minutes away.