Serbian war has broad repercussions

The war in Yugoslavia has prompted Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) to issue a warning that covers a much broader range than the immediate area under siege. In a warning issued late yesterday afternoon, DFAIT officials said there is “potential for acts of violence in the surrounding countries as well as the potential for retaliatory actions around the world” due to NATO military intervention in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Several European airlines have cancelled all flights into and out of the Balkans. Canadians already in the region are advised to be “vigilant and prudent”, since the security situation could deteriorate rapidly without notice.

DFAIT advises Canadians to defer travel to Macedonia and Yugoslavia. The Canadian Embassy in Belgrade has suspended operations, and only limited consular services are available from the Canadian Consulate in Skopje. DFAIT notes that Canadians should leave these countries immediately unless their presence is “absolutely essential”, warning that there is “potential for acts of violence” against Canadians in both Macedonia and Yugoslavia related to the conflict in neighbouring sovo