Someone is stealing from Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific Hotels reports that it is having some problems with pilferage, even though the chain caters to a decidedly upscale clientele. As they say, some of these stories may “alarm” you; others may merely amuse you.

Although The Pan Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur Airport opened just over a year ago, the hotel is already coming up short on several amenities and guest room furnishings. Among the items “walking” out of the hotel: alarm clocks, cordless telephones, bathrobes, towels, slippers, glasses,and cutlery. Some self indulgent guests also feel entitled to pack up the duvet covers, lamp shades, irons, and empty fruit baskets.

At The Pan Pacific Yokohama, a frequent guest of the hotel must have taken a shine to the fixtures in his room, as he left with one of the floor lamps. The hotel’s much admired interior design also seems popular with guests, as sofa cushions from the public lobby disappear in droves,20 in the past two years.

The Pan Pacific Glenmarie Resort seems to have fared much better over the years, as they’ve only been victim to one guest’s whim to pull down, fold up, and pack off with one of the filmy, transparent day curtains. At the Pan Pacific San Francio, guests feel entitled to comforters, bed skirts, umbrellas, silver butler trays, ice buckets, lamps, in-room fax machines, artwork, flowers arrangements and vases and plants.

All of this fascinating trivia comes to us courtesy of the people at Pan Pacific, who apparently think that publicizing theft from their properties will bring them more business. A curious approach.