Special advice for the woman traveller

Travel is always exciting, but it can be dangerous for the unprepared. For women, the hazards of travel are compounded by the different cultural and legal traditions of many countries. Many of the practices and activities that we take for granted at home are looked upon quite differently in foreign lands.

Aside from the general sound travel safety practices we should all follow when abroad, women travelers (especially those travelling alone) need specific advice to deal with unfamiliar situations. Recognizing this need, the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has published Her Own Way – Advice for the Woman Traveller, which offers information and guidance specifically geared to the ever increasing number of Canadian women travelling internationally.

The new edition includes updated information on a variety of travel topics, as well as a list of addresses and telephone numbers of all of the Canadian missions around the world. To obtain a free copy, call the Enquiries Service of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade at 1-800-267-8376 (in Canada) or (613) 944-4000. Remember, travel knowledge means travel safety anenjoyment.