Special Millenium party in Ottawa

Since today is a holiday, it’s a good time to start planning your own millennium celebrations, if you haven’t already done so. If you’re looking for an affordable (and safe, and patriotic) vacation destination to celebrate the millennium, our nation’s capital could be the place for you on December 31. The Parliament Hill Millennium Celebration is a great example of your tax dollars at work, and producing something that you can really appreciate (for a change).

This December 31, Parliament Hill will feature “In Motion- A Story of Time” a unique event and theatrical presentation never before seen in Canada’s Capital Region. More than 30,000 people are expected to gather on Parliament Hill to witness firsthand the sights and sounds of this special night.

For a full hour, costumed performers and special effects will guide revellers through the centuries, from the beginning of time through to the future. The show will make stops at certain historical periods such as classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and modern times, all the while engaging the crowd in a fascinating play of music and projected images.

The event culminates in a spectacular firewor display, as the Peace Tower clock strikes midnight and heralds the arrival of the year 2000. Micheline Chevrier, the show’s artistic director, says she has created an interesting flow of dynamic processions and colourful performances that ensures a front row seat to most spectators.

“Imagine Parliament Hill as the face of a giant clock” says Chevrier. “You will be walking on the hands of time, contemplating our great past as together we weave our way towards the future. It’ll be a unique, moving, mystical journey through time.”

“In Motion- A Story of Time” is just one of a number of millennium celebrations presented by the National Capital Commission (NCC) in collaboration with numerous partners, including the Millennium Bureau of Canada. For more information on Year 2000 festivities in Canada’s Capital Region.