Suddenly it’s summer!

For most of us, summer is the prime travel season. Whether it’s the weather or just old habits from school days, June to the end of August is when most every Canadian who can hits the road, rails, or airways. Before you go anywhere this summer, consider a few travel safety tips gathered from a number of sources. Some may appear to be verging on the over-cautious side, but they’re all worth considering to ensure that you have a safe and relaxing summer holiday.

To avoid being targeted by criminals::

    1. Dress conservatively to blend in with the locals.
    2. Carry cameras in your purse or pocket, and use a money belt or under-garment pouch.
    3. Use traveller’s cheques, ATM cards and credit cards to limit the cash you carry.
    4. Stand tall, and walk confidently and with a purpose. (This may sound ridiculous, but it’s been proven effective!)
    5. Plan your route and keep a map handy but out of view. If you’re lost, try not look like it!

For safe and happy motoring:

    1. Park in well-lit, populated areas.
    2. Drive with your doors locked and windows closed or barely open.
    3. Take your keys and lock the doors when leaving your car to p for gas.
    4. Before unlocking your car, look in the back seat.

And while you’re at the hotel. motel, or B&B:

    1. Make security a priority when selecting your home for the night. As you make your reservations, ask about the safety of the location, key cards, security and the like.
    2. Check in using only your last name and first initial.
    3. If the desk clerk says your room number out loud, request another room. (This may sound a little paranoid, but they should be more discrete)
    4. If you’re unescorted to your room, prop the door open with a suitcase while you check under the bed, in the closet and bathroom.
    5. And my personal (and effective) favorite: Turn on the lights and the TV when you leave the room.