Tap into top travel sites

The modern armchair traveler sits in front of a computer screen. And a good starting point is www.50plus.com/travel. A few key taps and mouse clicks delivers free information and access to travel bookings. 

You can begin to plan your vacation with these choices:

  • I want to Explore Options: Let’s you enter your choice of region and price range
  • I know where I want to go: Go here and enter your specific travel destination.

Take a trip
The Travel page is your portal for information on hundreds of vacation locations. Click on Take a Trip for a range of choices, both domestic and foreign. In each regional section, there are pictures and background notes with basic information about the climate, the currency and the culture.

Take a Trip also lets you compare prices for different packages and carriers for the same destinations.

Travel articles library
The Special Interest section digs into the library of travel articles from past issues of CARPNews FiftyPlus and the 50plus.com wesite. Topics range from budget and camping to ecotourism, spas, cruises and snowbird destinations.

There’s also a cache of articles on travel safety and disability travel and many features on specific destinations. There are lists of books, discussion forums, associations and other resources with links to relevant sites. 

CARP discount
The Last Minute Specials include complete packages or just transportation bargains. There are also CARP Travel Deals. And whether you choose coach, train, plane or cruise ship, you can book it on the spot.

50plus.com Travel is open to all, but CARP members get a 5 per cent discount on all bookings.

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Other popular sites
Here’s a rundown on other popular travel sites:

  •  www.frommers.com
    This comprehensive site offers an in-depth look at any city you choose. From hotel, restaurant and shopping search engines to the standard airfare search engine, Frommers is loaded with useful info. Choose from a number of vacation ideas or specific types of packages, including Singles, Seniors and Other Special Travellers.

  •  www.fodors.com
    With great tips from Fodor staffers and other users, this site covers everything from packing techniques to tipping practices all over the world. More of an information site than an actual travel-booking site, it’s great for finding out the real deal about your destination.

  •  www.travelocity.ca
    This is one of the better-known travel websites. Icons make navigating easy and once you become a member (for free), you can customize your own Fare Watcher.

  •  www.globeandmail.com/travel
    More of an information site, it offers articles on a number of destinations and a section devoted to good deals from Canada. There is also a restaurant finder. Users choose a Canadian city, type of cuisine, price range and click “go” for a list of restaurants that fit that criteria. 

  •  www.lcnd.com/travel/seniors.htm
    This is a Canadian government site from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. It offers a section devoted to seniors and snowbirds. With links to a currency converter and a host of other websites related to Canadians and travel, it’s a great resource.

  •  http://travel.discovery.com
    This is the travel channel’s website, and the gorgeous graphics prove no expense has been spared. The great tools are lots of fun. A live cam takes you to places like Times Square in New York in real time, and the 360-degree image lets you view various tourist spots such as Russia’s St. Petersburg Square and Sydney Harbour in Australia from every angle.

  •  www.oanda.com/convert/classic
    This site provides a comprehensive currency converter with an extensive list of countries for conversion purposes. It lets you figure out just how much those souvenir tchotchkes are going to cost on your next vacation.

  • -With files from Marilyn Smith and Jennifer Walker.