The many charms of Margarita

How do you describe an island that legend says was “created by a cherub’s teardrop”? Some now call it the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, others simply note its status as a free port, but whatever you call it, Venezuela’s Margarita Island is a very popular winter getaway for fifty-plussers who want a vacation with variety.

One of Columbus’s many discoveries, Margarita is now a study in contrasts. From the bustling streets of Porlamar, filled with shops, first class hotels and renowned restaurants, to the rustic villages where artisans make baskets, shoes and ceramics for sale at very reasonable prices, the island offers a wide variety of activities.

Margarita has stunning geographic contrasts as well: unspoiled coral beaches, vast plains with unusual and exotic flora and fauna, virgin forests and mountains topped with snow. It’s no wonder, then, that Columbus thought he had finally discovered paradise when came upon Venezuela 500 years ago.