Top spas revealed

The aging population is one of the many reasons spas are booming. According to those in the know, spas aren’t just for women or the elite anymore. But no matter what your income level, a visit to a spa is a pricey proposition, so it’s very important to find the best available.

Conde Nast Traveler, a travel magazine that refuses to accept the usual “freebies” provided to many travel writers, asked 6,000 readers for their spa opinion. An article accompanies the poll in the April issue, and offers these stats on the spa boom:

  • 16% increase in the number of people visiting spas last year, according to the International Spa Association (ISPA).
  • 25% of those visiting spas make $30,000 or less per year.
  • 35% of those visiting spas are men-a dramatic increase in the past few years.
  • 80% increase in the number of day spas registered with ISPA, making spa treatments available to a wider range of people.

The poll results are separated into two categories: Resort Spas and Destination Spas. Resort spas are defined as those resorts where activities in addition to the spa facility are available and are as much a draw to clitele as the spa (golfing, tennis). Destination spas usually involve some work or deprivation, since they are dedicated to encouraging guests to follow particular health and fitness regimens. In both categories, readers reported that the deciding factor in where they go is not the gym facilities and classes, available treatments, or even the food. Instead, readers chose spas first and foremost for their setting and location. Not too surprising, when you think about it.