Travel research: Go online

The world’s an awfully big place. How do you find out about destinations, tours and the many ways to save a buck on your travels?
The Internet is ideal for the 50plus armchair traveller with time to do research. It’s easy to get started with websites for airlines. For example:
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And let’s not forget covering everything from cruise deals to a foreign exchange calculator. The Canadian online travel agency:  

allows you to search, for free, information on over 14,000 destimations and make online bookings.

Some of the best travel sites are American such as:

But a lot of the information is helpful to Canadians, too.

Then take your choice from the national sites:

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    Contact points
    Theses guides give you sites for every city and town you’re likely to visit. There you can learn where to stay, what to see and details like which day of the week the local museums are free.

    Contact the closest consulate or travel bureau for the country or region you wish to visit and within days you’ll have a whole library of information, including books of discount coupons.
    In the gorgeous (and free) Magic France book, for example, you’ll read about a 40 per cent discount on Europe’s trains, and a 4.5 kilometre walk through parks and gardens of Paris, starting near the Bastille.

    Travel guides
    Travel guides in public libraries tend to be out of date. Instead, head for Chapters or Indigo where they don’t mind you having a sit-down browse. Take your time and pick the guidebook that suits your style and pocket book. My personal favourite:

    On the ground
    If you’re going to a metropolis, check out city magazines such as:

    They’re always stuffed with good deals and finds as well as the latest about what’s on.

    In the end, there’s no shortage of online sites offering travel information. The challenge for the bargain hunter is finding the ones that deliver the information you need. Once you do, bookmark the sites, and park them with your favourites.

    And check out the Travel Forum here on

    With files from Marilyn Smith.