Travel tips: Foil thieves

Here are a few ways to foil thieves during your trip.

  • Do not hide valuables with a “pickproof” lock; this would suggest you have something hide. Good places to hide valuables in your room, are under rug and under the bed – if it’s hard to get to, it will also be hard for the burglar.
  • Never drop off your key at the front desk when you’re out, unless you are checking out. Request a separate room key.
  • When you go out leave the light and TV on in your room to suggest occupancy.
  • If you’re parking in garage with an attendant, never leave the key to the trunk.
  • Carry cash and traveller’s cheques in separate areas. Replacing traveller’s cheques is inconvenient
  • When choosing your bags or pouches, remember that thieves may use a knife to slit the bottoms open – store large denominations of money and passports under clothing or in zippered pockets difficult to reach.
  • Make a photocopy of your passport and other papers and list your credit card and traveller’s cheque numbers on a piece of paper (do not label these in case they are stolen and perhaps add on other digits such as the year of your birth) – store tse separately (if you are carrying your passport, leave in your room, etc.)
  • Report thefts promptly