Visit Britain for the millennium

A tour of Britain by train this summer could be the best way to see the more than 40 special projects either underway or planned to celebrate the year 2000. If you purchase a BritRail pass before you go, you can save substantially on rail fares and have the convenience of a train pass that lets you avoid a lot of line-ups.

There are many interesting tours available as part of the millennium celebrations. One new escorted tour in London, “The Millennium Experience”, available from Rail Europe, is a great way to see the old and new sites in what is still arguably the world’s greatest city.

The Millennium Experience escorted tour includes a visit to the recently-opened Millennium Dome in Greenwich by luxury motor coach, a cruise back to London on the Thames River passing the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and a visit to British Airways’ London Eye — the world’s highest observation “wheel”( as opposed to tower, we presume).

Since you can’t buy tickets to the $1.2 billion Millennium Dome, this tour had added appeal. Inside the Dome there are 14 pavilions, all featuring live performances and multi-media shows. Vouchers (good for 6 months) for thMillennium Experience Tour should be purchased before leaving Canada and cost $144 for adults and children over 15 years old. For information, contact CARPTravel.