Visit Canada’s absolutely newest territory

April 1, 1999 marked the creation of Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory and hottest (well, newest and most unexplored, anyway) new tourist destination. Comprising a good sized chunk of the eastern side of the old Northwest Territories (it’s the size of France), Nunavut is the result of the world’s largest native land claims settlement.

“These are exciting times to be in Nunavut,” says Michael Roberts, publisher of The Nunavut Handbook, 1999 Commemorative Edition, a guidebook to Canada’s Arctic. “Not only is the new territory redrawing the map of Canada, it is also bringing self-government and self-determination to a people who have occupied this land for thousands of years.”

Nunavut is already developing as the latest destination for eco-tourism and adventure travel. Written by over 50 largely Nunavut-based writers, the 454-page guidebook contains information on accommodations, transportation, outfitters, and exotic attractions. If you’re interested in visiting our beautiful north, but a little unsure of what you’d be in for as a tourist, the guidebook is an excellent place to start your journey.

You can order the guidebook ($29.95) from the publisher a1-800-263-1452, or visit the arctic travel website to find out more. For those want a trip with a real difference, Canada’s north is an excellent place to start.