Websites for RVers

Approximately 34 per cent of RVs on the road in Canada are owned by people over 55.  Many people plan to taste the freedom of the open road in retirement, and travelling by RV (recreational vehicle) still holds the same promise as ever – convenient, comfortable, and under your control. Even better, you can bring along a lot of your stuff. If you’re planning to use your RV for snowbirding that can be a real bonus.

The Internet provides a wealth of information – and sites where RVers can connect to share experiences and tips. You can also use it to keep in touch. Here are some sites that are of particular use and interest to RVers:

Go RVing Canada
This website is sponsored by the Go RVing Canada coalition, which consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds. It’s designed to promote the RV lifestyle, so if you’re already a committed RVer, you may find some of the information is a little too basic for you.  But if you are considering or new to RVing, this is a great place to start.

Not all the information is basic, either.  Lis of dealers and suppliers are kept current, along with a lot of information about various types and classes of recreational vehicle. And the RV travel section provides a useful clearinghouse of links to camping directories in Canada and across the United States.

The RVers Corner
Don’t let the look of this page fool you. This website run by Les Doll, a certified RV technician, has a wealth of information about the nuts and bolts of maintaining an RV.  The forums provide a way to ask questions of other RVers, and also serve as a library of maintenance topics. And the price – free – is right.

RVing Women
For women who are nervous about RVing on their own or who want to connect with other women RVers, this is the site.  Here you’ll find forums for questions and networking, and, with membership ($55 for the first year) access to a full range of educational material.  Members range in age from 20s to 90s with the majority in the 50-70 age group. Many are professionals and more than a third are retired or semi-retired.

Campgrounds • Campings Canada (CCC)
This site provides information about camping and lists of campgrounds all across Canada. 

Canada Travel
For information about travel destinations within Canada, one of the best sites is Canada Travel. You can search by destination and find links to local tourist websites across the country.
Of course being able to get somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do once you arrive. The Fodor’s website provides articles and information on many travel destinations – and of course, also allows you to purchase their well-known guides online.

And of course for directions on how to get there, try one of the web’s best resources – Mapquest.  Type in where you are and where you’re going and you’ll get detailed instructions.

The Weather Network
And of course it’s important to know what the road conditions might be. Start with The Weather Network for the highway forecast and weather all across North America.

Know of other useful sites? Post them in our Special Interest Travel forum!