What spares travelers pain and grief?

Several years ago while traveling in France, I caught a severe cold which was followed by progressively worsening pain in my knee. I didn’t feel the need to go an emergency ward, but the knee was bothering me more each day. At home, I might have gone to a walk-in clinic, but what do you do in a foreign country?

I consulted my handy IAMAT directory, which listed an English-speaking doctor located near my hotel. The doctor saw me immediately, and after a quick examination bundled me into a cab for the hospital. I was there for a week, treated for a severe infection which could have cost me my leg.

What’s IAMAT? A free international medical organization that could save your life if you need medical services while traveling. The non-profit International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers was established in 1960, and membership is your guarantee of good medical care wherever you are in the world.

Membership is free (donations are greatly appreciated) and gives you regular updates on health risks, diseases, and immunization requirements around the world, along with the invaluable directory of competent English- or French-speaking physicians in 125 nations. The dtors must follow IAMAT’s set payment schedule for first visits.

Contact IAMAT at 40 Regal Rd. Guelph, Ontario N1K 1B5 (519/836-0102), or visit their website.