Who’s peeking?

Who’s looking over your shoulder? If you’re one of the millions of business or pleasure travellers working on a laptop during a flight, chances are the person sitting next to you or across from you has stolen a peek, or two, at what you’re working on.

According to a recent survey of 600 travellers commissioned by Fodor’s, more than one-third of travellers said they had looked at someone else’s laptop while in-flight. While business travellers are more likely to let their eyes wander, there’s no rest for the 28 percent of pleasure travellers who still feel compelled to glimpse at your screen.

“Younger travellers feel a need to know ,” notes Bonnie Ammer, president of Fodor’s Travel Publications. “Forty-nine percent of men and forty percent of women under 40 admitted to looking at what their seatmate was working on. So if you’re working on a top-secret document, seat selection may mean everything!”

The survey also asked the snoops what they thought they would find out about their fellow travellers. The majority of people who peek (61 percent of men and 66 percent of women), said they look to see what people are working on. Single women are the most curious — over 70 perct want to know what you are doing, while only 32 percent of men and 26 percent of women are checking to see who you work for.

According to Ammer, “the rest of the respondents admitted that they were comparing their solitaire score.” Can travel be that boring for some people?