World’s best hotel value is next door

Québec City’s Chateau Frontenac hotel has been selected for the “World’s Best Values” list produced by a survey of Travel & Leisure magazine readers. The famed Chateau is joined by distinguished company on the top 10 list, which includes properties in Hawaii, Bangkok, and a hotel on a game reserve in South Africa.

A stay at the Chateau has evolved into a Canadian (indeed, North American) rite of passage, and few who have checked into the marvelous property will forget the experience. Built in 1893, the hotel remains to this day the landmark everyone associates with Québec City.

I took a tour of the Chateau a couple of years ago, and it is well worth the time, whether you are a guest or not. Legendary guests like Winston Churchill and various other world leaders seem to still haunt the halls, which join grand ballrooms and lobbies that seem out of place (and time) in Canada.

Located in the heart of the Old Town in Québec City, the Chateau offers guests the illusion of being in Europe, with modern North American facilities. Its rates are not cheap by any means, but as the survey found, most people rank it very high in terms of value. That, combined with althe sites and the friendly atmosphere that Québec City offers, make it a definite travel “must-see”.